exception b2sdk.sync.exception.EnvironmentEncodingError(filename, encoding)[source]

Bases: b2sdk.exception.B2Error

Raised when a file name can not be decoded with system encoding.

__init__(filename, encoding)[source]
  • filename (str, bytes) – an encoded file name

  • encoding (str) – file name encoding

exception b2sdk.sync.exception.InvalidArgument(parameter_name, message)[source]

Bases: b2sdk.exception.B2Error

Raised when one or more arguments are invalid

__init__(parameter_name, message)[source]
  • parameter_name – name of the function argument

  • message – brief explanation of misconfiguration

exception b2sdk.sync.exception.IncompleteSync(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: b2sdk.exception.B2SimpleError

exception b2sdk.sync.exception.UnSyncableFilename(message, filename)[source]

Bases: b2sdk.exception.B2Error

Raised when a filename is not supported by the sync operation

__init__(message, filename)[source]
  • message – brief explanation of why the filename was not supported

  • filename – name of the file which is not supported

b2sdk.sync.exception.check_invalid_argument(parameter_name: str, message: str, *exceptions: Type[Exception]) Iterator[None][source]

Raise InvalidArgument in case of one of given exception was thrown.

exception b2sdk.sync.exception.BaseDirectoryError(path)[source]

Bases: b2sdk.exception.B2SimpleError


Python 2 does not like it when you pass unicode as the message in an exception. We like to use file names in exception messages. To avoid problems, if the message has any non-ascii characters in it, they are replaced with backslash-uNNNN.


exception b2sdk.sync.exception.EmptyDirectory(path)[source]

Bases: b2sdk.sync.exception.BaseDirectoryError

exception b2sdk.sync.exception.UnableToCreateDirectory(path)[source]

Bases: b2sdk.sync.exception.BaseDirectoryError

exception b2sdk.sync.exception.NotADirectory(path)[source]

Bases: b2sdk.sync.exception.BaseDirectoryError