Outbound Transfer Source

class b2sdk.v2.OutboundTransferSource[source]

Abstract class for defining outbound transfer sources.

Supported outbound transfer sources are:

  • b2sdk.v2.CopySource

  • b2sdk.v2.UploadSourceBytes

  • b2sdk.v2.UploadSourceLocalFile

  • b2sdk.v2.UploadSourceLocalFileRange

  • b2sdk.v2.UploadSourceStream

  • b2sdk.v2.UploadSourceStreamRange

abstract get_content_length()[source]

Return the number of bytes of data in the file.

abstract is_upload()[source]

Return if outbound source is an upload source. :rtype bool:

abstract is_copy()[source]

Return if outbound source is a copy source. :rtype bool: