exception b2sdk.sync.exception.EnvironmentEncodingError(filename, encoding)[source]

Bases: b2sdk.exception.B2Error

Raised when a file name can not be decoded with system encoding.

__init__(filename, encoding)[source]
  • filename (str, bytes) – an encoded file name

  • encoding (str) – file name encoding

exception b2sdk.sync.exception.InvalidArgument(parameter_name, message)[source]

Bases: b2sdk.exception.B2Error

Raised when one or more arguments are invalid

__init__(parameter_name, message)[source]
  • parameter_name – name of the function argument

  • message – brief explanation of misconfiguration

exception b2sdk.sync.exception.IncompleteSync(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: b2sdk.exception.B2SimpleError

exception b2sdk.sync.exception.UnSyncableFilename(message, filename)[source]

Bases: b2sdk.exception.B2Error

Raised when a filename is not supported by the sync operation

__init__(message, filename)[source]
  • message – brief explanation of why the filename was not supported

  • filename – name of the file which is not supported